Mark Kelly

Mark was born in England Manchester St Marys. And then he cried. He went to school. Became a bully. Found music. Got beat up. Stopped being a bully. Then one day he came to Switzerland while on a camping-trip. He fell in love with the country. He left but then decided to come back. Then dedicated his life to playing guitar and singing.

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31.01 in Geneva

You must have heard Hell's Kitchen at least once in your life to feel what blues is, the real one. This group from Geneva has given itself the mission of bringing the blues back to life with industrial sounds and beat rhythms. Five albums and hundreds of concerts in the world some time later, Hell's Kitchen has accumulated media praise and indeed resuscitated the blues!

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Time Machine
14.02 in Geneva

No need to introduce them anymore! With more than 700 shows to date, Geneva based Time Machine is recognized today as one of the best and most entertaining live Swiss bands, especially after its numerous successes at the Montreux Jazz Festival!
Much more than a simple cover band, Time Machine puts on a dynamic and festive live show based on the best 70’s and 80’s disco-funk and soul hits. A must see!