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The Festival’s visionary founder Claude Nobs had the idea to systematically film every artist who ever performed on stage since the beginning of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967. This archival collection is at the heart of the Montreux Jazz Café concept. Guests enjoy fine dining along with the exclusive experience of legendary concerts on multiple screens all year long. This cultural heritage is so priceless that in 2013 UNESCO decided to include the entire audiovisual collection—which is still growing!—in the “Memory of the World” Register. 

Free programme

Artist City Date & time
DJ Mike Singapore Sat 29.04.17 12:00 AM
Aaron James Lee Trio Singapore Sat 29.04.17 12:00 PM
Karen de Silva acoustic trio Singapore Sat 29.04.17 7:30 PM
Tropical Temple - Bhayology (USA) & Kusto (France) Singapore Sat 29.04.17 10:00 PM
Aya Sekine & The Jazz Party Singapore Sun 30.04.17 12:00 PM
Nicholas Lim Singapore Sun 30.04.17 8:00 PM
Mario Serio Trio Singapore Sun 30.04.17 8:00 PM
Alemay Fernandez Singapore Tue 02.05.17 7:30 PM
Fendi Singapore Wed 03.05.17 7:30 PM
SHAGIES Singapore Wed 03.05.17 10:15 PM
DJ Mike Singapore Thu 04.05.17 12:00 AM
Yvette Atienza Singapore Thu 04.05.17 7:30 PM
Anne Weerapass Singapore Fri 05.05.17 7:30 PM
SHAGIES Singapore Fri 05.05.17 10:15 PM
DJ Mike Singapore Sat 06.05.17 12:00 AM
Dawn Ho Singapore Sat 06.05.17 12:00 PM
Tim De Cotta Singapore Sat 06.05.17 7:30 PM
DJ Justo (Grown) Singapore Sat 06.05.17 10:00 PM
Andayoma Singapore Sun 07.05.17 12:00 PM
Mario Serio Trio Singapore Sun 07.05.17 8:00 PM
SHAGIES Singapore Wed 10.05.17 10:15 PM
Len Sander Montreux Wed 17.05.17 8:00 PM
SHAGIES Singapore Wed 24.05.17 10:15 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 29.06.17 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 28.09.17 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 19.10.17 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 23.11.17 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 07.12.17 6:30 PM


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DJ Mike
29.04 in Singapore

First touch on the decks was at age 14, and has never stopped since! A career spanning more than 3 decades in many parts of the world, he is versatile in many genres of music and acutely attuned to the latest trends in the clubbing scene. His prolific career has also seen him performing with several top notch DJs including,Nick Warren and Pail Van Dyk, during his many international stints.
After having traveled and played extensively in clubs all over the world, DJ Mike possesses a healthy knowledge of most genres of club music. His personal forte, however, would still be in House, Top 40s, Retro  and RnB.
Apart from working as a DJ globally, DJ BigMike has worked onboard several cruise liners as a professional Master-of-Ceremony, DJ, and Cruise Director onboard Aisa’s largest Cruise Liner!

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Aaron James Lee Trio
29.04 in Singapore

The Aaron James Lee Trio translates big combo tunes into an organ trio concept with the likes of Chok Kerong on keys, Andrew Lim on guitar and Aaron on drums.
Their repertoire includes works from Wes Montgomery, Ahmad Jamal and the like. 

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