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The Festival’s visionary founder Claude Nobs had the idea to systematically film every artist who ever performed on stage since the beginning of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967. This archival collection is at the heart of the Montreux Jazz Café concept. Guests enjoy fine dining along with the exclusive experience of legendary concerts on multiple screens all year long. This cultural heritage is so priceless that in 2013 UNESCO decided to include the entire audiovisual collection—which is still growing!—in the “Memory of the World” Register. 

Free programme

Artist City Date & time
Rootstudy Geneva Thu 25.01.18 6:30 PM
Erkalium Lausanne Wed 07.02.18 6:30 PM
Frank Powers Montreux Wed 21.02.18 8:00 PM
AA Trio Lausanne Wed 07.03.18 6:30 PM
Wugs Montreux Wed 21.03.18 8:00 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 22.03.18 6:30 PM
Julie Campiche Quartet Lausanne Wed 11.04.18 6:30 PM
MAREY Montreux Wed 18.04.18 8:00 PM
Soul’d’Out Geneva Thu 26.04.18 6:30 PM
Sportelli Montreux Wed 16.05.18 8:00 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 17.05.18 6:30 PM
Always Know Monk Lausanne Wed 23.05.18 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 28.06.18 6:30 PM


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25.01 in Geneva

In the 60'-70 ', the United States was a huge source of inspiration for Jamaican music.
Many artists have renewed songs of soul music, finding the most beautiful songs to add the colorful vibe of the island.
Today, Rootstudy wishes to pay homage to this tasty mix that has given rocksteady.
That not only the feet, but also the hearts are jiggling. Here is the effect that a touch of soul in a reggae groove desires to provoke. All members of this Geneva reggae band have come together with one goal: to live and revive rocksteady. Gathered around the dazzling and energetic singer Nohémi, 7 musicians are struggling to groove roots sound by highlighting the soulful voice of "Nono" with background in a brass section.

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07.02 in Lausanne

Composed of two keyboardists, Marino Palma and Allan Broomfield, and a drummer, Noé Benita, this Franco-Swiss trio sets off on the Swiss and French music scene to create sounds that make the traditional musical boundaries waver between electronics. and acoustics. By combining the acoustic played and sampled sounds to the rippled and repeated waves of the synthesizer, the group experiences a hybrid and cloud harmony energized by the pulsating pulses of a nerve battery. Through these first compositions, the members of Erkalium develop a meditative aesthetic that explores the sound of the dream. It's all about fusing a universe with influences ranging from Detroit's minimal techno (Robert Hood), electro-jazz, ambient and experimental (ADMX-71) to House/funk from the 80s., and of course so much else.