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The Festival’s visionary founder Claude Nobs had the idea to systematically film every artist who ever performed on stage since the beginning of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967. This archival collection is at the heart of the Montreux Jazz Café concept. Guests enjoy fine dining along with the exclusive experience of legendary concerts on multiple screens all year long. This cultural heritage is so priceless that in 2013 UNESCO decided to include the entire audiovisual collection—which is still growing!—in the “Memory of the World” Register. 

Free programme

Artist City Date & time
Soul’d’Out Geneva Thu 26.04.18 6:30 PM
Julie Campiche Quartet Lausanne Tue 15.05.18 6:30 PM
Sportelli Montreux Wed 16.05.18 8:00 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 17.05.18 6:30 PM
Always Know Monk Lausanne Wed 23.05.18 6:30 PM
DOG ALMOND Geneva Thu 31.05.18 6:30 PM
Make Plain - ENJOY THE WORLD MUSIC DAY! Montreux Thu 21.06.18 8:00 PM
Borderline - ENJOY THE WORLD MUSIC DAY! Montreux Thu 21.06.18 9:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 28.06.18 6:30 PM


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26.04 in Geneva

The old band members of Juice wished for a new sound, a new style and a creative yet professional friendship amongst the musicians; and that is exactly what they have in their new group - Soul’d’Out. Their music is funky, smooth soul mixed in with tones of blues and groove. They have an extraordinary drummer/percussionist, Robin, who has composed and re-worked many of their covers. The bassist, Jean, has an ear for their special sound and his natural talent makes him a pivotal member who keeps them together and in the groove. Their keyboardist, Adrian, is the central energy blast and gives the music colour and beauty. Laurent, the guitarist, is a major element whose genius on the guitar has the crowds begging for more. And Anne, the singer, keeps the audience in the moment and makes you feel the music is played just for you.

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Julie Campiche Quartet
15.05 in Lausanne

After 8 years on the road with her band "Orioxy", Julie is now embarking on a new adventure with an instrumental formula. This new project composed of Swiss musicians of the new generation offers a cinematic music tinged with a strange melancholy. The electronic effects of each instrument interweave in delicate and powerful sound environments. An electro-acoustic and refined project that gives pride to improvisation! In particular, Julie's compositions draw their inspiration from the great questions of her generation. Through her music she offers a space for reverie or a perspective on current topics, as in the case of the song Onkalo that takes its name from the first site of permanent storage of radioactive waste, or Flash Info piece that evokes the incessant flow of the media.