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The Festival’s visionary founder Claude Nobs had the idea to systematically film every artist who ever performed on stage since the beginning of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967. This archival collection is at the heart of the Montreux Jazz Café concept. Guests enjoy fine dining along with the exclusive experience of legendary concerts on multiple screens all year long. This cultural heritage is so priceless that in 2013 UNESCO decided to include the entire audiovisual collection—which is still growing!—in the “Memory of the World” Register. 

Free programme

Artist City Date & time
Time Machine Geneva Thu 23.11.17 6:30 PM
Kolmoset Lausanne Wed 06.12.17 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 07.12.17 6:30 PM
Lynn Maring Montreux Wed 13.12.17 8:00 PM
Sophie de Quay & The WaveGuards Geneva Thu 14.12.17 6:30 PM
Soul’d’Out Geneva Thu 21.12.17 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 11.01.18 6:30 PM
Jacob Salem Montreux Wed 17.01.18 8:00 PM
Rootstudy Geneva Thu 25.01.18 6:30 PM
Frank Powers Montreux Wed 21.02.18 8:00 PM
Wugs Montreux Wed 21.03.18 8:00 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 22.03.18 6:30 PM
Julie Campiche Quartet Lausanne Wed 11.04.18 6:30 PM
MAREY Montreux Wed 18.04.18 8:00 PM
Soul’d’Out Geneva Thu 26.04.18 6:30 PM
Always Know Monk Lausanne Wed 02.05.18 6:30 PM
Sportelli Montreux Wed 16.05.18 8:00 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 17.05.18 6:30 PM
Time Machine Geneva Thu 28.06.18 6:30 PM


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Time Machine
23.11 in Geneva

No need to introduce them anymore! With more than 700 shows to date, Geneva based Time Machine is recognized today as one of the best and most entertaining live Swiss bands, especially after its numerous successes at the Montreux Jazz Festival!
Much more than a simple cover band, Time Machine puts on a dynamic and festive live show based on the best 70’s and 80’s disco-funk and soul hits. A must see!

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06.12 in Lausanne

Kolmoset (brelan in Finnish) was formed on a stroke of luck: on their arrival in Lausanne in September 2015, the three young French people who came to study at the Haute Ecole de Musique moved into the same residence. The idea of playing together is born naturally enough. Informal sessions become rehearsals in which, like a rock band, compositions and arrangements are created collectively. The trio takes advantage of the flexibility of its formula without harmonic instrument (inspired by the trio of Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman or the FLY group) to approach the interaction in a playful way, focusing on everyone's listening and proposals. The repertoire is built around this idea of play, mixing re-readings of standards, original compositions and free improvisations.