The Montreux Jazz Café was born of Claude Nobs’ passion for music and fine dining. The Festival founder, trained as a chef, designed them as a welcoming space where cuisine and music could combine in a way never seen before.
At the Festival, proximity between the biggest musicians and the public, comfort, and an eye for details result in historic concerts and encourage the appearance of memorable moments. It’s that fine touch and know-how that we wish to share with you in our restaurants, conceived to be ambassadors of the Montreux Jazz Festival.
We offer contemporary cuisine, and our menu includes dishes crafted with the very passion so characteristic of those inimitable Montreux moments: our famous B.B. Burger, Coquelet façon Quincy Jones, and the succulent Ella’s Cheesecake.
The Festival showed great vision in recording every single concert from the very beginning, and these archives have been recognized by UNESCO through inclusion in the “Memory of the World Register”. We invite you to relive this musical odyssey at our comfortable Café, which feature exclusive access to the archives.
In the area? On a trip around the world? Enjoy a relaxing and delicious interlude while listening to some of the most striking concerts from the Festival’s history.

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Meeting Quincy Jones, backstage tour, Chilly Gonzales’ live session at Claude Nobs’ Chalet, and more – a swarm of events allowed the Insiders to experience unique moments at the 2017 Montreux Jazz Festival. Be part of the family too!

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Tribute to Elvis
07.11 in Geneva

Are you lonesome tonight? This evening is going to be really wild! With the musicians of the ONH, among the most famous in French-speaking Switzerland, Stéphane Cornioley on vocals and guitar performs a superb revival of the King! This evening certainly will be one not to be missed at Montreux Jazz Café. Let’s rock!

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Tanja Dankner
14.11 in Geneva

Soul music is Tanja Dankner’s music of the heart. It has influenced and inspired her from an early age. Her soul has always been in her music, and yet this 2019 Supernatural Woman album is her first pure soul album. It’s a very mature and profound album–supported by the Dap-Kings (Amy Winehouse’s horns). Soul music requires life experience and emotions, pain and a personal story. Her music gives Tanja Dankner the opportunity to express what it feels like to face life’s challenges as a woman on her own. She has found herself and wants the songs to be sung by this woman.Honest, feminine, profound and passionate.