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Montreux Jazz Café EHL


The new Montreux Jazz Café offers a tapas bar and a live music scene, and is intended to be an essential place
to socialize and party on campus. The Café is located in the historic «La Ferme» building, completely renovated
and situated in the heart of the new campus. A programme of emerging artists will be provided by the Festival
team and its mythical concerts will be available for viewing on the screens.

The Montreux Jazz Café was born of Claude Nobs’ passion for music and fine dining. The founder of
the Festival, trained as a chef, had always dreamed
of combining these two worlds in convivial venues
around the world. When cooking for his artist friends,
Claude Nobs always added one secret ingredient:
the most iconic concerts from the Festival were
screened in the dining room. Conceived as the
embassies of the Festival, the Montreux Jazz Café
perpetuate Claude’s secret recipe around the world,
featuring exclusive access to the magical moments
that have graced the Festival over the years.

Don’t miss our Sunday brunch!


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