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“You know, I love to cook and entertain my friends!” – Claude Nobs
Although his father, Henri Nobs, expected him to one day take over the family bakery, at 17 Claude Nobs opted for an apprenticeship in the kitchens of the Schweizerhof Hotel in Basel. When he was 20, Claude Nobs returned to Western Switzerland for studies at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in order to become a chef. Destiny had other plans: instead, Claude Nobs founded the Montreux Jazz Festival. Nevertheless, he always maintained a passion for great food, often preparing dishes for artists to enjoy after their performances. Our menu is directly inspired by Claude’s simple but high-quality cuisine, based on fresh market produce and designed for people to enjoy. Welcome to the Montreux Jazz Café, and Welcome to Claude Nobs’ table!


Discover our Asian flavors with this tasty tuna poke bowl and its Tamari sauce. We will make your taste buds travel!

Fish & Chips

The famous Fish & Chips, served with a delicious tartare curry sauce will satisfy your cravings for fish!


Mob Burger

This hamburger will transport you to the heart of Switzerland thanks to its delicious dried meat. Furthermore, its combination of sweet and salty will introduce you to new flavors.

Club Sandwich

This Club Sandwich is a true classic! Enjoy our flavorful recipe, including grilled chicken, eggs, and bacon. 


The Quincy Jones roast chicken is inspired by those inimitable Montreux moments, its unique flavors sauce will take you on a journey.

BB Cheeseburger

Delicious and generous, it owes its name to the great legend of the blues. The BB cheeseburger is from now on a classic on the menu of Montreux Jazz Cafés.

Ella's Cheesecake

Dining at a Montreux Jazz Café is not just a wonderful culinary experience. It is also a magnificent way to live and breathe music, inspired in this case by the legendary Ella Fitzgerald.


Next concert

22.11 in Geneva

The band is the result of an improbable meeting between a law professor at the university, Xavier Oberson, and a writer, Joel Dicker, at a concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival. On this occasion, these two personalities discovered a common passion for music and, in particular, the Latin rock of the 70s. They decided to found a new group, Latinwood, which brings together both professional musicians and enthusiasts to revive in a modern way this style which has generated mythical groups like Malo or Santana.

Next concert

28.11 in Lausanne


Thematic of the debate: "Volonturisme (volunteering during the holidays), a solidarity with two faces?"
Beginning of the debate at 6.15PM, led by 5 speakers during 40 minutes, then place to the public's questions.
An aperitif will be served at the end of the debate.