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Bright, airy, and convivial: the stamp of Festival founder and local son Claude Nobs is on every square inch of the three distinct spaces of this brand-new fifth Montreux Jazz Café. Adjacent to the lobby of the Palace, Le Lounge, with its private salon ambiance, is the perfect place to enjoy the company of Montreux restidents and visitors from all over the world, any time of the day. To the non-stop rhythms of the greatest ever Montreux Jazz Festival concerts on the big screens, the Montreux Jazz Café reflects the intoxicating environment of the Festival both in its dishes and its décor. Amazing memorabilia is carefully displayed as though in someone’s home: a Jukebox here, and over there the kimono given to Claude Nobs by Freddy Mercury. All over the walls, emblematic photos from a half-century of musical history make this a new tourism destination showcasing artistic and culinary treasures. Finally, with its unbelievable line-up of traditional and exclusive cocktails along with a straightforward, festive menu, Funky Claude’s Bar is not only THE place to gather even in the wee hours, but also the new premier live stage in town.

Menu du jour

Monday, October 23rd

Mixed salad or soup of the day, Deer ravioli, Creamy sauce with ceps, Small vegetables

Tuesday, October 24th

Mixed salad or soup of the day, Yellow chicken supreme with morels, Braised lettuce, Golden spätzli

Wednesday, October 25th

Mixed salad or soup of the day, Beef Bourguignon and its cooked vegetables, Mashed potatoes

Thursday, October 26th

Mixed salad or soup of the day, Confit lamb shank with Diolinoir, Soft green cabbage, Couscous semolina

Friday, October 27th

Mixed salad or soup of the day, Koulibiac Salmon

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The Quincy Jones roast chicken is inspired by those inimitable Montreux moments, its unique flavors sauce will take you on a journey.


Montreux Jazz Café Montreux

Avenue Claude Nobs 2
Switzerland - 1820 Montreux
+41 21 962 13 00

Open every day from 11:30am to 10:30pm


Sunday to Thursday 5:00pm to 1:00am 
Friday and Saturday 5:00pm to 2:00am



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Tobias Carshey
25.10 in Montreux

Semicolon follows his debut album Bye Bye - alluding to the semicolon tattoo trend. It reminds people who have survived a suicide attempt that their life goes on; the sentence has not ended yet. The semicolon is also used as a sign of solidarity with victims of mental illness. The often very subtle tattoo is intended as a conversation starter for bringing awareness to the topic. The singer has experienced the effects of depression firsthand and hopes this album title can contribute to the movement.
The songs are more earthy and ironic than their predecessors. Carshey takes his time with the music, giving the band more room to break out. Both energetic and intimate at the same time. 

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Angela Esmeralda & Sebastiano Lillo trio
15.11 in Montreux

Angela Esmeralda & Sebastiano Lillo is a dynamic and soulful duo where guitar approach seems to arrive from the southern lands of America of the '20/'30 with a fresh, refined, vibrant sound and technique, and a unique, warm, skillfull voice blend together and let you feel what they feel, leading you to a newer direction through blues, jazz, soul, neo soul with a delicate, confident touch. Full of intimate shadows. 
Selected for the International Blues Challege '15 to represent Italy in the solo/duo category. They perform at blues and soul festivals all over. In june '14 Angela Esmeralda and Sebastiano Lillo released their first duo album, named DELTASOUL, for the label "Il Popolo del Blues".