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Bright, airy, and convivial: the stamp of Festival founder and local son Claude Nobs is on every square inch of the three distinct spaces of this brand-new fifth Montreux Jazz Café. Adjacent to the lobby of the Palace, Le Lounge, with its private salon ambiance, is the perfect place to enjoy the company of Montreux restidents and visitors from all over the world, any time of the day. To the non-stop rhythms of the greatest ever Montreux Jazz Festival concerts on the big screens, the Montreux Jazz Café reflects the intoxicating environment of the Festival both in its dishes and its décor. Amazing memorabilia is carefully displayed as though in someone’s home: a Jukebox here, and over there the kimono given to Claude Nobs by Freddy Mercury. All over the walls, emblematic photos from a half-century of musical history make this a new tourism destination showcasing artistic and culinary treasures. Finally, with its unbelievable line-up of traditional and exclusive cocktails along with a straightforward, festive menu, Funky Claude’s Bar is not only THE place to gather even in the wee hours, but also the new premier live stage in town.

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The Quincy Jones roast chicken is inspired by those inimitable Montreux moments, its unique flavors sauce will take you on a journey.


Montreux Jazz Café Montreux

Avenue Claude Nobs 2
Switzerland - 1820 Montreux
+41 21 962 13 00

Open every day from 11:30am to 10:30pm


Sunday to Thursday 5:00pm to 1:00am 
Friday and Saturday 5:00pm to 2:00am



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Len Sander
17.05 in Montreux

Salt is crystalline. When examined up close it's angular and beautiful. Salt intensifies all flavors. When rubbed into open wounds it amplifies the pain. Sweat tastes like salt. Sex tastes like salt. And it so happens that the latest EP from Len Sander is called „Saltlick“, and aptly so. 
What we have here is a sound that developed and ripened since the band debuted in early 2015. The production became ruthlessly taut, modern and angular. The narrative thickened as well. The tortured love channeled in such exquisite high fidelity previously, is now a entangled sensually overdriven network of knots. It’s an intricate, fragmented jigsaw puzzle consisting of lovers future, past and present, often coexisting as a series of conflicted emotions, and always heavily reeking of sex. In essence, this EP is a simulation of the contemporary, urban love experience.